Industrial Design + HCI @ CMU

I aim to create products that give beautiful form to empathetic and effective solutions.

Industrial Scientific AirSafe

Conceptualizing Next Generation Gas Detectors

Single-Slice Toaster

Industrial Design  •  Form & Interaction  •  3D Modeling & Printing


Research and Framing  •  Interaction Design  •  Wood-Working  •  Print Design

Petit Pli Internship

Brand Identity  •  Retail Experience Design  •  Packaging Design

Repurposed Knife

Metal-Working  •  Design that Lasts  •  Service Design

Radio for Grandma

Physical Computing  •  Wood-Working

S’well Pocket

Industrial Design  •  Branding  •  CAD Modeling

Heirloom Mirror

Craft-based Product Design  •  Production Methods  •  Metal-Working


Surface Modeling •  Keyshot

Explorations in Craft, Form, and Interaction