CORA is a more affordable, re-usable, and intuitive device expected to make breast cancer biospies more accessible to low-resource areas.

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As the only designer on the team, I worked cross-functionally with the engineers to make the product not only effective, but also usable, beautiful, and resonant. I experienced design-engineering parallel workflow firsthand, passing CAD back and forth up to the final working prototype. I advocated and made recommendations for ergonomics, user experience, aesthetics, and the brand story while respecting and working within engineering constraints.


Spring 2023 (14 Weeks)


Biomedical Engineering Design


Jemmima Gonsalves, Ashley Hong, Zaria Johnson, Julie Shin Kim, Clara Shi, Audrey Young

Biomedical Engineering Design
Industrial Design
CAD Modeling and 3D Printing
Rapid Prototyping

Form Language



Branding: Logotype and Website

Cora is a play off of the word “core” from core biopsy needle as well as a woman’s name, which felt appropriate for a device designed to diagnose breast cancer. The crossbar on the A has been extended with a pointed corner as reference to the overall form factor of a biopsy needle.

To support branding and storytelling, I created a website prototype for the product here.

CAD and Prototyping

Final Prototype

Final Poster

My lovely team︎
Special thanks to Dr. Conrad Zapanta (BME) and Professor Wayne Chung (Design) for their support and guidance!