Words & Images

Explorations in book-binding, print design, calligraphy, illustration, photography, and writing.

The Lord is my Shepherd — hand-made book and keepsake

December 2021

Total of 16 made and gifted to friends, family, and professors for Christmas 2021.

How To Put Your Heart in a Blender (and other recipes)

November 2021

Recipe guide based on a true craigslist ad. All photos were self-taken.

Text from best of craigslist.

Parable of the Prodigal Son

September 2021

Bloom — an interactive illustration

October 2021

Illustration based on “Bloom” by the Paper Kites. Intended to be “animated” via the interaction of scrolling down. Experience it here.

The Many Layers of Pittsburgh — a love letter to an unexpected home

November 2020

Analysis of Pittsburgh as a system in a hand-cut, hand-made one-off book written as a love letter.

Calligraphy Excerpts