Spatial Experiences

January 2021

A spatial, modular structure, prototyped with cardboard. Use of scale, color, and lighting to shape user experience and perception, with the intention of creating a space for connection and conversation. I wanted to create a bridge/tunnel-like structure that would be the “perfect length” for a short, but meaningful conversation between two individuals.

An exercise in modular design to create three-dimensional forms, and an exploration in creating physical spaces that alter perceptions and tell stories. 

Final structure model crafted with chipboard and acrylic paint.

Just as we shape the environments around us, so do they also shape our experiences and engage our senses. The shape of the structure facilitates conversation while passing through the space together, while the color change from red-to-yellow from one side and yellow-to-red on the other represents a change that might occur in the two individuals throughout. To encourage, facilitate, and celebrate those short, yet meaningful conversations throughout our days.


Screenshots from Pinterest.