Loave — a Gift-Giving Object

A special carrier for a loaf of bread, constructed entirely from a single sheet of cardboard using no adhesives. Considerations included form and function, a celebration of the object inside, as well as special-ness and enjoyability— particularly in gift-giving. 


Septemer 2020 (3 Weeks)

Rapid Prototyping
Packaging Design
User Testing

Final model hand-cut and assembled from a single sheet of 30”x24” cardboard. 

Field Research

Material Experiments

Rapid Prototyping

Sketch Model 1

  • Created a carrier that successfully holds the loaf using one piece of cardboard

Sketch Model 2

  • A more conceptual approach: playing with the idea of creating an interaction that would be reminscent of pulling bread out of the oven.

Refinement and Experimentation

Iteration 3

Iteration 4

A New Direction

Here, I tried a method of containing the loaf in which the different sides would fold together to form and secure the handle:

Iteration 5


From here, I moved forward with the folding-unfolding model. Further iterations included:

  • Graphic elements on the flaps:

Iteration 7

  • Cutting the shape of the flaps almost as much as possible to really “hug” the shape of the loaf:

Iteration 8
  • And a decorative element

Iteration 8.5

The decorative approaches were interesting, but also, unnecessary, and spoke a different “visual language” than the main form of the folding-carrier: the form mimics the shape of the loaf itself, while the wheat-shapes speak to a more narrative aspect of the bread and where it’s coming from.

Meanwhile, the eigth iteration, with its simple silhouette and pleasing handle securement, successfully celebrates the object inside without overshadowing it with decorations.

Final Craft and Assembly

After trying several variations of measurements that didn’t quite fit right, I went back to the measurements I’d used for my 8th iteration to craft my final carrier.


All 13 iterations and models.